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Carcinogen: a substance that fosters cancer, an illness characterized by cells that are unable to quit dividing inside of a type of biological country-statism.

Chimera: an artificially designed animal composed of blended DNA. A human with a mouse's Mind might be an case in point, as would Frankenstein's offended monster. In Greek mythology the Chimera--a fireplace-breather who was part lion, part goat, and part dragon--devastated the land right until last but not least slain by a hero.

PCBs: polychlorinated biphenyls. Fifty common chlorine compounds that grow stronger since they move up the foods chain. Odorless and tasteless, they came from electronics manufacturing until eventually regulations have been passed to forbid their production and release.

The best possible Sustainable Population: pretentious expression for "how many things can reside in just one place without working with it up."

Ontogenetic Crippling: Paul Shepard's term for the psychological and spiritual stunting that success from growing up in a civilization at war with nature and afraid of shut Speak to with nearly anything wild.

Misanthropy: a hatred or distrust of humankind, as when persons passing for environmental activists declare human beings a blight on the planet. The implied dualism is older than Descartes.

Ecological Effectiveness: The share (ordinarily around 10%) of handy Electricity that passes from just one trophic amount within a meals chain to a different. Shorter foods chains often drop less Strength.

Gust Front: the blustery front fringe of a thunderstorm. It separates heat surface air currents from cold downdrafts.

Constancy: the dispersion of of a species through a Group. A relentless is actually a species that shows up in nearly every sample taken (indicating an occupation of around 80%).

Floodplain: the pure path taken by a flood-swollen river. From the U.S., a lot more than 10 million homes are located in or near floodplains, as well as the Bush Administration has eased constructing limits in these kinds of spots. See Coverage.

Atomic Selection: quantity of protons from the nucleus of an atom. Atomic Excess weight: the weighted common on the masses of In a natural way happening isotopes of a offered factor. ATP (adenosine triphosphate): the Power molecule that powers organisms by fueling the mobile's chemical reactions. It does this by surrendering more info amongst its three phosphate teams when breaking down chemically inside the existence of water (hydrolysis) into ADP.

Biopiracy: the enterprise exercise of patenting seeds together with other indigenously grown agricultural products. Monsanto, a essential sponsor of Disneyland and developer of nuclear arms, is forcing monetarily strapped farmers in Bangladesh to order seeds after handed down by means of people.

Neuron: a nerve mobile that transmits electrochemical impulses. Neurons had been believed to work somewhat like electric switches: when induced for the dendrite close by an incoming nerve pulse, they produce a pulse down the axon (with assist from the Nodes of Ranvier, which function like signal boosters) towards the terminal button, where the heart beat triggers the release of neurotransmitter chemicals into your synpase, the space amongst just one neuron and One more. These chemical compounds then bring about a pulse (or inhibit a person) in other neurons. As it seems, even so, each neuron is more like a microchip than a simple switch.

Climax: the culminating phase of plant succession in a very provided ecosystem. Climax communities are likely toward maturity because of acquiring attained harmony with their surroundings through many years of experimentation and adaptation. See Succession.

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